Archive of previous Digital Bauhaus Summits

 2017 "Being Modern"

 2016 "Luxury Communism"

 2015 "Designing Society"

 2014 "Creative Collaboration"

Digital Bauhaus Summit is the annual boutique conference for an international audience of creatives, researchers and anyone interested in new cultural formations. Updating the Bauhaus philosophy, we explore the political dimensions of design: from collaboration to social design, from Luxury Communism to this year’s topic “High & Low”.

Join us in Weimar this summer for two exciting days of lectures and workshops, debates and dialogues, playful explorations and stimulating intellectual exchanges!

Team Digital Bauhaus Summit 2018

Philipp Albers (Curation)
Jule Hass (Curation, Public Affairs)
Mads Pankow (Organization)
Cornelius Reiber (Curation)

Arleta Gebicki (Graphic Design), Thomas Müller (Photography), Lukas B. Pank (Stage), Marvin Renfordt (Organization, Public Affairs), Christian Rothe (Portrait Photography), Neue Rituale (Coding), Nivre Film & Studio (Film), Friederike Schneider (Organization), Johannes Spitzer (Graphic Design), Lukas Ullsperge (Graphic Design)

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Deutsche UNESCO Kommission

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