Alexander Suchy

The common denominator of most things I do is helping people understand each other. Professionally I've done that mostly through design and animation in recent years, as of this year as a creative director at bitteschö in Berlin. Right now I'm especially interested in the deeper mechanics of story telling because that is or should be the backbone of every (well done) intentional communication. I'm even considering writing a PhD thesis on that topic and I'm currently looking for an academic supervisor.

Which side are you on?

What is your interest in high & low?
I think the classification in high and low has been etched into my mind pretty deeply – and I know it's hindering. My hope is that the conference can deconstruct and/or break this value assignment system open in a way that will leave us participants with a more and sustained open mind. Looking beyond high/low connotations should directly increase our ability to see potentials and ideas that were hidden behind those attributions before – and that's what I'm very interested in.

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