Marcus Bösch

Hello. My name is Marcus. I am a journalist and entrepreneur with a deep interest in how emerging technologies can best be used for transferring knowledge. I have co-founded the award winning game studio the Good Evil and the virtual reality and augmented reality studio Vragments. I have written about VR & Art and AR & Beauty for Numéro, have slightly tackled the topic post internet & art at republica 2016 and i have coined the term XRjournalism. I am friendly most of the time and old enough to get goose bumps when Morten Harket or Eckhart Nickel start singing "There's no end to the lengths I'll go ..."

Which side are you on?

What is your interest in high & low?
I am amongst other things interested in the topic of art and technology. (I built a working prototype for a brain-controlled art game once And i deeply care about design and digital technology. I endorse your take on this ever evolving ragbag of bits, pieces and takes and i want to be part of it Weimar, Weimar...

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