Sabine Delorme

During the day I'm the Director of HR at an international cloud communications company based in Munich where I try to set up a culture where mindset is all that counts. At night I'm a crazy book devouring literature blogger who started a bookshop in New York some years ago, which went bankrupt before it actually opened, so much for my business accumen.

Which side are you on?

What is your interest in high & low?
High is usually seen as happiness - low as sadness - i want to explore more about where we actually stand in today's society high? low? middle? where?! and how the highs and lows are currently perceived and how they are affecting us as a whole. I’m interested in balancing high and low in technology, urban planning and especially in culture. Low culture seems to have become a synonym for consumer generated media vs high culture seen as the pure and genuine expression of artists. Let's bridge it.

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