Nilz Bokelberg

Nilz Bokelberg, born in Bonn in 1976. Wanted to become an actor, became a tv-host. Wanted to stay tv-host, became an author. Wanted to be an author, became podcaster. Has no clue how it can go on like this and what’s next.
Photo by Manslayer

Talk: The Injustice of Time – Why Schlager Music Only Became Cool When It Wasn’t Anymore

Track: Lifecycles of a Cultural Distinction
Date: Day 1 – 16:00
Location: Neufert-Mansion, Gelmeroda
Language: German

When you think of the past, Schlager music was already back then sheer horror. Music for musty basement party rooms. But if your are only listening to the singles, you are missing something. Something just below the surface. A world of Schlager music filled with diss tracks, dirty sex stories and subversive resistance to authorities. All that was Schlager and all that we gave up. For Helene Fischer. Is there a way back?


Talk: My Favorite Google Reviewers

Track: Walking Conference
Date: Day 1 – 18:30
Language: German

Who's seriously writing Google reviews? An interesting group of people who tend to like the act of criticizing. I will present my favorite specimens. An inspirational reading. Because you can really rate and review anything.

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