Stefan Heidenreich

Stefan Heidenreich lives as an author in Berlin. Currently he teaches art theory at Cologne University. His most recent books are “Geburtstag. Wie es kommt, dass wir uns selbst feiern” (Hanser 2018) und “-Geld-. Für eine non-monetäre Ökonomie” (Merve 2017), English version to be published in 2018: “-Money-. Toward a non-money economy”.

Talk: A Like Makes No Distinction

Conference: Scaling Media
Date: Day 2 – 11:15
Location: E-Werk Kesselsaal, Weimar
Language: German

Networks are built from ties. Online, we define ourselves by positive relations. The logic of distinctions that used to govern the open cultural field is over. The change is fundamental. Negative relations are being replaced by their positive counterparts, friends and likes instead of layers and distinctions. There is a strange side effect, though. Together with the field theory of Bourdieu the playing field itself has disappeared. Clusters, bubbles and small worlds have taken its place, with no overview and no horizon to judge what could be high or low.

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