Mara May

I’m a radio artist and student of experimental radio m.f.a. at bauhaus university. 
before i was working in theatre which was leading me to focus on the work with voices, - acoustic theatre. i’m producing radio plays, features and audio collages. The focus of my work is on documentary material, sound of speech and improvisation, as well as interactive sound installations. For an exchange semester I studied “Performing Arts”, at NOVIA University in Finland, which was a major influence to my own work and forms of collaboration.

Which side are you on?

What is your interest in high & low?
high and low are interesting to me, in the first case considering high and low frequencies because I’m working in radio and soundart.
it appears to me, that always „high“ qualities have their advantages and also their disadvantages. with the term „high“ i do connect negativ associations thinking of sound which is high and noisy. with the term „low“ i connect positive things as warm and dark sounds, for example of voices.

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