Philipp Albers

Philipp Albers, co-founder of Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur, is a freelance journalist and writer. Together with Holm Friebe he co-authored “Was Sie schon immer über 6 wissen wollten” (2011), a popular non-fiction book about number psychology, and “MIMIKRY – Das Spiel des Lesens” (2016), a literary-salon-game-cum-book, containing a collection of fake ...
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Jens Balzer

Jens Balzer, born in 1969, is an author and columnist, publishing, amongst others, in Die Zeit, Rolling Stone, Deutschlandfunk and the rbb station radioeins. Together with Tobi Müller he ministers the “Popsalon” at the Deutsches Theater. He teaches pop criticism at the Berlin University of the Arts and serves as ...
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Aart van Bezooijen

Aart van Bezooijen is a Dutch industrial designer with an obsession for materials. In 2005, he founded the agency Material Stories which supports companies, organisations, designers, and educators with material consulting, material research, innovation workshops, lectures and trend reports. Since 2012, he also works as professor for material and technology ...
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Nilz Bokelberg

Nilz Bokelberg, born in Bonn in 1976. Wanted to become an actor, became a tv-host. Wanted to stay tv-host, became an author. Wanted to be an author, became podcaster. Has no clue how it can go on like this and what’s next. Photo by Manslayer
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Orit Halpern

Dr. Orit Halpern is a Strategic Hire in Interactive Theory and Design and an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University. Her work bridges the histories of science, computing, and cybernetics with design and art practice. She is also a co-director of the “Speculative Life ...
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Jule Hass

Jule Hass founded Panatom Corporate Communication, an agency that has been developing and implementing strategies and concepts in the cultural field since 1999. Since 2016 she is co-partner and managing director of super cetera – Strategies for Urban Perspectives. Jule Hass supervised and realized various lectures, curations and publications in ...
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Stefan Heidenreich

Stefan Heidenreich lives as an author in Berlin. Currently he teaches art theory at Cologne University. His most recent books are “Geburtstag. Wie es kommt, dass wir uns selbst feiern” (Hanser 2018) und “-Geld-. Für eine non-monetäre Ökonomie” (Merve 2017), English version to be published in 2018: “-Money-. Toward a ...
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Jens Jessen

Jens Jessen, born in 1955 in Berlin, studied German Literature and Art History in Berlin and Munich. Until 1988 he worked as book editor in publishing houses in Zurich and Stuttgart, until 1996 as editor in the travel and cultural department and as Berlin correspondent for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, ...
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Martin Kiel

In the 1980s, he was advised against his wish to become a forester. The forests are sick, he was told, and foresters probably superfluous in the future. So, in 1989 he started to study biology, German literature, philosophy, archaeology and art history at the Ruhr University Bochum. In 1995 he ...
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Annekathrin Kohout

Annekathrin Kohout is a freelance writer and blogger. She works as editor for the magazine “Pop. Kultur und Kritik” and as a Research Assistant at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Siegen. In 2012 she graduated with a BA in German Studies and Art History at ...
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Katja Kullmann

Katja Kullmann is a writer, newspaper journalist and freelance sociologist. In her work, she puts the focus on the mechanics of distinction – especially on "lifestyle" as a political feature, always intertwined with matters of social class and identity. Her latest book “Rasende Ruinen. Wie Detroit sich neu erfindet” (2012) ...
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Tobi Müller

Tobi Müller is a journalist for arts and culture and an author in Berlin with a Swiss background. He writes about pop and theater, develops theater and film projects, moderates panels and curates conferences. He spent the 2000s in Zurich as an editor for print newspapers and TV stations. Since ...
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Marie Neumüllers

Marie Neumüllers has been researching for quite a long time how cities run and used to run. Her current work focuses on analysis, design and control of spatial processes, urban economies and urban transformation. She is founding partner and managing director of Urbanizers. The Berlin office works at the interface ...
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Eckhart Nickel

Dr. Eckhart Nickel studied German Literature and Art History in Heidelberg and New York and graduated with a study on Thomas Bernhard and Dandyism. The first chapters from his forthcoming novel „Hysteria“ (Piper 2018) won him the Kelag-Prize at the Bachmann-Wettbewerb 2017. He also works as a Journalist for the ...
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John Durham Peters

John Durham Peters is María Rosa Menocal Professor of English & Film and Media Studies at Yale and is the author of “Speaking into the Air: A History of the Idea of Communication” (1999), “Courting the Abyss: Free Speech and the Liberal Tradition” (2005), and “The Marvelous Clouds: Toward a ...
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Stephan Porombka

Stephan Porombka initially was a literary scholar at the Free University and the Humboldt University in Berlin, focusing on New Media; he was an early expert on hypertext as well as a slam poet and a journalist. In 2003, he became professor at the University of Hildesheim, where he initiated ...
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Peter Piller

Peter Piller lives and works in Hamburg, and since 2006 he teaches as Professor of Photography at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. His work was presented in numerous solo exhibitions, including the Witte de With in Rotterdam, the Kunstmuseum Bonn, the Kunstverein Braunschweig und the Fotomuseum Winterthur. ...
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Paula Raché

Paula Raché has been working as a freelance designer and art director for agencies and organizations since 2011. She supports Material Stories with material and trend research, as well as at lectures, exhibitions and workshops. In addition, Paula enjoys working with students at design colleges in Germany and abroad as ...
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Cornelius Reiber

Cornelius Reiber is a translator and teaches Media History at Basel University. From 2006 to 2011 he worked at Princeton University. Member of the Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur since 2002. His scholarly publications include "Original-Ton. Zur Mediengeschichte des O-Tons" (2007), his translations "Design" (Hoffmann und Campe, 2018) and the novel "Der ...
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Jan Wurm

Architectural engineering between the poles of material, construction and architectural form is Jan Wurm's passion. He is valued by his customers for integrating design concepts and innovative engineering solutions.  Since his training in a carpentry and glazier's workshop, Jan Wurm has been convinced that the direct handling of materials and close ...
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Heng Zhi

Heng Zhi grew up in Beijing and Inner Mongolia. She studied industrial Design at the University for Applied Arts Vienna and the Politecnico di Milano. Currently she is Curator of the Collection at Vitra Design Museum and a PhD candidate in history and theory of design at the University for ...
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